Emmett Turns 5, Celebrates at Pump It Up

Happy Holidays From the Vaughans!

Emmett's Hilarious Chicken Recipe

"How Does the Baby Come Out?" #StuffEmmettSays

Gender Reveal: It's a ...

Guess the Sex!

Emmett Fires Off a Freedom Rocket at the USS Intrepid

Emmett Reenacts Mr. Owl's Tootsie Pop Commercial

Little Baby Lump Is Back! (Wanna Know Why?)

A Long Overdue Update

Emmett Says 'Mamma!'

Emmett's Favorite Playground Activity

Where Did They Go?

Superman Goes Trick-or-Treating

Vote Emmett the Next babyGap Model!

An Afternoon at Tougas Farm

Last Days of Summer: Labor Day in Maine

Emmett Experiences the Jersey Shore

Little Swimmer

Happy Birthday to the Gusbuster!

Mommy and Daddy Get Engaged

His Diaper is Full ... Full of Chic

Emmett's First Buzz Cut

Emmett's Mother's Day Message

Puzzle Piece Cymbals

Emmett and the Waddlers at My Gym

Emmett's First Artistic Experience: Crayons!

Family Rendezvous in NJ

Emmett's First (Professional) Haircut

First Birthday Recap: Monkey Cake in the Face

Happy First Birthday, Baby Lump!

Emmett at the Children's Museum

Emmett and the Big Tub

First Steps and a New Year for Baby Lump

Santa Baby

I Need Your Vote!

And The Crowd Goes Wild!

Babysitting Ben

Mr. Sippy

The Apple Remedy

Happy Halloween from a Ferocious Blue Monster

Drunk Baby

WaterFire and Pumpkin Picking with the Grandparents

Welcome Baby Benjamin!

Patiently Awaiting the Arrival of Baby K

Emmett the Monkey

A Virtual Tour of Our New Apartment

Baby Gate Inmate

Pamera is Back

Hunger Action Month: Child Nutrition

Meeting Gus & Sprouting Toofers

Emmett's First Attempts to Crawl

Gearing up for the Move

When Babies Attack

Emmett on a Boat

Mr. Independent

Welcome My New Nephew, Gus!

Gus Nutter, Come on Down!

Daddy's First Father's Day

Emmett Likes Oatmeal!

Emmett Test Drives His New Walker

The Lone Mother

Emmett's Funny New Sleeping Position

Feeding Emmett "Solids," Take Two

Wish We'd Thought of this Sooner

Memorial Day in the Public Garden

Emmett's First Spoon-Fed Meal

The Obsession with Manbabies Continues

Emmett Discovers His Feet

Baby's First Beach Fire

My First Mother's Day

The Grandparents Come to Town

Em's First Giggles

Can You Say, "Heat Wave"?

Breaking News: Emmett Rolls Over!!!

Emmett the Traveler

Baby's First Opening Day

Emmett Braves His First Shots

Manbabies, Just Shootin' the Poop

Emmett Rocks Tummy Time & Meets the Fam

A Shower for Adrienne and Gus

The Nursery ... Finally

Emmett Meets Dr. Stagg

A Walk in the Park, a Stroll Through Boston

The Six-Hour Sleeping Phenomenon

My New Resolution: More Video!

Introducing Baby McFussy

Baby Mashup

In a Virtual World, a Tip of the Hat to Traditional Ways

Emmett in the Nursery

Sick But Smiley

Emmett's First Cousin - It's a Gus!

Baby Lump Takes on Tub

He Takes After His Dad

Emmett's Birth Story (And Then Some)

Say Hello To Baby Lump - AKA Emmett James Vaughan

A Birds Date Poem from Dad

It's (A Different Kind of) D Day

Yup. Still Pregnant.

Meet Baby Lump-Routan

New Year, No (Real) Baby

Elf Yourself for Chrismahanukwanzakah

A False Alarm? How Clich�!

"All My Bags Are Packed, I'm Ready To Go"

Braxton Hicks ... Who Knew?

Baby Lump's First Cousin Is On The Way!

I've Been Tagged in the Sixth Photo Meme

"Baby Lump, Getting Ready for Landing." "Roger that!"

Let's All Hope and Pray I Don't Give Birth to a ManBaby

Who Hasn't Heard About That Whole Motrin Moms Scandal Yet?

What are the (Gender) Odds?

What I Learned At Childbirth Class: That Exercise Ball Is Actually A "Birthing Ball"

Yup - I'm Definitely Nesting

Politically Inspired Baby Names: New Trend?

Call To Action: Help Us Name Baby Lump!

German Engineering: The REAL Reason James and I are Pregnant

Beware Lamb-Flavored Baby Food at Baby Showers

The Third Trimester and the Ascent of My Belly Button

Martha Stewart Food-Baby Costumes: FAIL!

Little Baby Lump: The Next Paul Bunyan?

Place Your Baby Bets!

What's With My Mini Baby Bump?

Thirty-Two Years of Marriage, For The Win!

My Subway Baby

"Please Keep Your Child On A Leash"

I'm A Hot Mom (To-Be)!

At Last, We Are Connected!

Sorry Readers - No Internet Until Monday

"OMG! I Felt The Baby!" (Weeks Ago)

20 Down, 20 To Go - I'm Halfway There!

What's With All These Hiccups?

Hooray For Body Pillows!

Okay, One More Cake Wreck (Last One, I Swear)

Creepy Pregnant "Cake Wrecks"

Maternity Pants: Not JUST for Expecting Mothers

On a Hot Pursuit to Find My "Due Date Buddy"

Butt Pregnancy

My Baby is a Baked Potato

"Can Our Kid Call Me 'Old Man'?"

Surprise Blossoms

The Little Baby Lump Blog is Born, Why?

Facebook/Twitter Announcement of Little Baby Lump

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