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A False Alarm? How Clich�!

Posted by Pamela Vaughan

Dec 24, 2008 11:48:44 AM

[caption id="attachment_483" align="alignleft" width="318" caption="Oops ... ? (hanging out in the triage room)"]Oops ... ?[/caption]

Well - I've made it! I'm 37 weeks pregnant this week, which means I'm officially full-term and Baby Lump could grace us with his/her presence literally any day now. So hey - how about a dry run to the hospital?

Yesterday, I had sort of a suspicion that I was leaking some amniotic fluid, which is well, not good. It wasn't really concerning me that much, but James basically forced me to call my doctor anyway just to be safe. The nurse I spoke with was a little concerned, so she advised us to head on over to labor and delivery. I was really nonchalant about the whole thing since I was convinced everything was fine; we grabbed our hospital bags, hailed a cab, and I shot "Look what you made us do" looks at James all the way to the hospital.

Well, I was right. Everything was fine with Baby Lump. It was basically a waste of time. Although it was pretty cool to be hooked up to the external fetal monitor and get a practice run under our belts. Thanks to the tour we took a few weeks ago, we knew just where to go and what to do. And yes, James was correct that calling the doctor was the right thing to do - it's better safe than sorry! Let's hope when it's the real thing, James and I are just as calm as we were yesterday (but can we have less traffic, please?).

Oven Timer: 37 weeks, 2 days

Topics: Weekly Updates, Anecdotes, false alarm, full term, 37 weeks

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