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Hunger Action Month: Child Nutrition

Posted by Pamela Vaughan

Sep 16, 2009 10:55:01 AM

You may have noticed that I've had a new badge on my sidebar for a couple of weeks. September is Hunger Action Month, and I agreed to help spread the word, especially since this year its focus is on child nutrition, which is something that, now that I'm a mother, is on my radar a lot more than it used to be. So if you have a minute, head on over to to discover ways you can contribute and help raise awareness.

On a completely unrelated topic, technology has really been disagreeing with me the past couple of weeks. I mentioned in my last post that I left my digital camera on the flight to Detroit for Labor Day weekend (and never got it back). Well, since then, my laptop suffered a fatal injury and died from a leaky pipe on the ceiling of our new apartment (welcome home, right?), and my first generation iPod Nano no longer saves battery power, which makes it practically useless (Yes, at least it had a nice long life.). On the bright side, the iPod lasted almost 4 years, the dead laptop is one that I won in a raffle, and my hard drive is completely in tact. Still, a major bummer all around.

Until I purchase a new camera (which will be very soon), I'm restricted to taking low-quality pictures on my Blackberry, which ends up making Emmett look very emo or kind of vintage...

[caption id="attachment_953" align="aligncenter" width="548" caption="Emo Baby"]Emo Baby[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_954" align="aligncenter" width="548" caption="Stackables"]Stackables[/caption]

You'll also notice that the blog has a new feel to it. I chose a new Wordpress theme - I wanted something fresh and simple. How do you like it?

Age Timer: 8 months (Can you flippin' believe it?)

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