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Emmett's Hilarious Chicken Recipe

Posted by Pamela Vaughan

Dec 3, 2013 9:22:00 PM

thanksgiving-cookbook_001Today I came home to find a fantastic Thanksgiving cookbook made by the kids in Emmett's preschool class. Each kid had dictated a Thanksgiving recipe to their teacher, who then transcribed it, verbatim.

The kids also drew pictures of said recipes, which is where things really get interesting -- at least in Emmett's case. 

Withough further ado, below you'll find Emmett's recipe -- and his amazing drawing. You can click to enlarge the image, but the recipe is also copied below so you don't strain your eyes, with my commentary in parentheses ...


"Chicken" Recipe:

- Well you need to kill the chicken. (Now, most recipes leave this part out, but Emmett makes a very valid point. I give him kudos for his attention to detail.)

- Then you need to cook the chicken in the oven until the numbers go up on the oven. (Never mind the feathers, innards, head, feet. Just cook it all. And honestly, who knows about the "numbers.")

- Then you eat it.  (No frills in this recipe, folks. Kill, cook, eat. A simple man, my son.)


As for the bun in my oven, everything is going swimmingly. For whatever reason, my doctor informed me at my last appointment that my due date is back to April 11. Because one day makes all the difference. The little lady is also kicking up a storm lately. James was finally able to feel her kick the night before Thanksgiving, and a couple days later, she literally kicked him in the face when his head was resting on my belly. That's my girl.

oven-timer-icon 21 Weeks, 4 Days


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