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20 Down, 20 To Go - I'm Halfway There!

Posted by Pamela Vaughan

Aug 27, 2008 4:54:54 AM

I hit an important pregnancy milestone on Monday - the halfway point! It's hard to believe I only have about four and a half months left before Baby Lump pops out. I had another appointment Monday, and Dr. Stagg says everything is looking A-okay. She also whipped out the tape measure and started measuring my belly this week. Things are right on track!

If any of you are curious since my last post, I did remember to ask her about the hiccuping sitch. She said hiccups are a result of an irritation of the diaphragm and speculates that the added pressure of the baby is just causing more frequent irritation. And no, apparently it's not that common. I'm just weird.

Also, the beach was great! The weather was perfect, the water was beautiful, and despite James' unwillingness to wear sunscreen and his subsequent sunburn, he had a great first time at the Jersey shore.

I've also been looking into some childbirth education classes, since apparently it's about that time. After some careful thought, I decided I want to give birth naturally. That's right - no meds for me. My mom delivered both my sisters and I naturally, so I decided I wanted to be brave as well. Plus, I love myself a challenge (as if raising the the pending baby won't be enough of a challenge). Anyway, when my mom basically laughed in my face after I told her I was planning on just winging the natural childbirth thing sans instruction, I figured I'd look into some classes.

As of this coming October, Mass General Hospital will be holding all of their family education courses through Isis Maternity, a series of pregnancy wellness centers in Massachusetts, which works out great for us since we can attend classes right in Brookline - much closer than downtown at MGH. I'm hoping to enroll in the Natural Childbirth class in October, but I'm still banging out the details.

Enjoy the last few days of summer!

Oven Timer: 20 weeks, 2 days

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