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In a Virtual World, a Tip of the Hat to Traditional Ways

Posted by Pamela Vaughan

Feb 18, 2009 9:00:37 AM

If you know me, you can obviously tell that I'm all about social media and using the Internet to my advantage. Otherwise, I would never have created in the first place. I usually describe this blog to people as a virtual baby book for Baby Lump. I wouldn't necessarily classify it as a mommy blog because it's definitely been more about Emmett than it's been about me. Of course, maybe that'll change now that he's been born. I digress ...

I definitely prefer to do a lot of things in my life online rather than on paper. I hate paying bills via check through snail mail for example, because there's no indication my payment has been processed on the other end. However, there's definitely a certain novelty to certain traditional methods. I love receiving a birthday card in my mailbox and tearing open the envelope, and I jump at the opportunity to send thank-you cards whenever possible.

So yes, this blog has served/will continue to serve as a virtual baby book for Emmett that hopefully he will enjoy reading one day when he's older (and/or be completely embarrassed by). Still, last week I also purchased a physical baby book as well, and I will definitely be filling it to its completion. This may be due, in part, to the slight resentment of my own incomplete baby book (really mom, it's not a big deal - I swear). Understandable though - I was the third child.

I also sent out physical birth announcement cards to members of Emmett's family, thanks to my mother who handmade them (and did a really awesome job). Of course, everyone had already heard the news from phone calls, text messages and the Internet, but my mom and I agreed that there's just something nice about receiving something physical in the mail as well.

[caption id="attachment_650" align="aligncenter" width="675" caption="Birth Announcement (Left: Cover; Right: Inside)"]Birth Announcement (Left: Cover; Right: Inside)[/caption]

There are definitely advantages to each method. I personally think it's nice to have a hard copy of a baby book to flip through, but a baby book also doesn't include all the thoughts and insight found on my blog. I've actually even considered converting the content of my blog into a physical book at some point - does that defeat the purpose?

Either way, while I'm definitely not planning on abandoning my passion for social media anytime soon, it's still been pretty cool to give a tip of the hat to traditional ways.

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