What's With My Mini Baby Bump?

Posted by Pamela Vaughan

Sep 24, 2008 3:03:58 PM

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I've been getting a lot of comments lately about how small my baby bump is relative to how far along I am.� After last week's post, my friend, Keith doubted there was any way a $5 footlong from Subway could fit in my belly.� Actually, I ate one the other day, so truth is, my mini belly can actually fit two!� Take that, Keith!

Seemingly, it's some kind of phenomenon.� I mean, check out the woman on the right compared to me - no wonder people think I'm a freak.� James laughs at me because I'll look at pictures on Baby Gaga of other women with similar due dates and get what he calls "belly envy" because I'm so much tinier than they are.

What's funny is that women who have had children keep saying how lucky I am to be so small at this point in my pregnancy.� The only problem is that my paranoid self keeps worrying something is wrong with Baby Lump, even though my doctor seems to think everything is normal.

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I am, however, secretly hoping my lack of bump means my baby will turn out to be one of those five and a half pounders instead of one of those bowling ball-heavy babies like James was.� (He was almost 11 pounds at birth!)� James laughs at me for thinking this, too.� Hey, I can dream ...

I'm pretty confident strangers can't even tell I'm pregnant.� At least, I haven't had any random people give up their seats for me on the train or pet my belly yet.� Although I'm thinking maybe the latter is a good thing.

In developmental news, Baby Lump won't really be getting any taller this week - just chubbier.� Keep thinking $5 footlong, just ask the sandwich builder to stuff some more meat in there.� Anyway, hooray for adorable baby fat weight gain!� This week alone, he/she will be gaining half a pound, totaling 1� 1/3 lbs.� In addition, rapid bone formation is occuring and Baby Lump's brain and nervous system continue to grow in complexity.

Another major milestone is that Baby Lump is now at the point of viability, which means if Baby Lump would pop out of the womb today, he/she would actually have a fair chance of survival (30%-70%!).� If born this week, Baby Lump would look something like this.� Can you imagine?� I have to start watching for signs of premature labor.� Yikes!

Let's just hope Baby Lump decides to bake for a while longer, shall we?

Oven Timer: 24 weeks, 2 days

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