Emmett Experiences the Jersey Shore

Posted by Pamela Vaughan

Aug 25, 2010 7:17:19 AM

Last weekend was Emmett's first trip to the Jersey shore!� The three of us headed down for a couple of days with my parents, and despite my fear that he was going to hate the sand and the ocean, he completely pulled through and loved every minute of it.� Apparently, all you have to do is plop that kid down in the sand, give him a shovel, and he's good to go.

[caption id="attachment_1249" align="aligncenter" width="539" caption="Good to Go!"]toddler playing in sand[/caption]

Here's a video of Emmett with dad and Nana, letting the ocean waves wash over his piggies (AKA toes) and jabbering about who knows what...


Emmett also enjoyed tossing sand, a leisurely bike ride, an evening stroll along the boardwalk, a ride on the carousel (which he was not a fan of) and some public dancing.

[caption id="attachment_1245" align="aligncenter" width="539" caption="Emmett's First Bike Ride "]toddler in bike seat[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1246" align="aligncenter" width="539" caption="Emmett and Dad on the Boardwalk"]toddler at the boardwalk[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1248" align="aligncenter" width="539" caption=""I AM SPARTA!""]toddler yelling[/caption]

Thanks to Nana and GranD for planning such a fabulous long weekend at the Jersey shore!

Fore more pictures from our trip, check out the Jersey Shore set on Flickr.

Age Timer: 19 months, 1 week

Topics: video, Firsts, beach

Emmett's Mother's Day Message

Posted by Pamela Vaughan

May 9, 2010 9:22:07 AM

I can't believe it's already my second Mother's Day!� James has been working all day, so it's just been me and my little man.� He wanted to record a Mother's Day message for his grandmothers and great grandmothers, and here was the best result...


Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow mothers out there!

Age Timer: 15 months, 3 weeks

Topics: holidays, video, Mothers Day

Puzzle Piece Cymbals

Posted by Pamela Vaughan

May 1, 2010 3:08:28 AM

Did you know wooden puzzle pieces make fabulous cymbals?� I didn't -- until recently...


I'm assuming this means Emmett is musically inclined.� I could also assume that he's an out-of-box thinker.� Or it's just that he's a boy, and boys will be boys.

Age Timer: 15 months, 2 weeks


Topics: video, Toys

Emmett's First Artistic Experience: Crayons!

Posted by Pamela Vaughan

Mar 12, 2010 7:36:48 AM

My parents sent us a care package yesterday, which included a pack of Crayola crayons and a drawing pad.� It reminded me of when I used to go school supplies shopping near the end of the summer and got way too excited over packs of fresh, new, virgin crayons.

[caption id="attachment_1173" align="aligncenter" width="539" caption="Emmett's First Drawing"]baby, crayons, drawing[/caption]

We broke them out immediately, Emmett double-fisting a brown and a purple and running down the hallway in a tizzy.� "Something tells me these will be both a joy and a headache," James said.� I agree -- crayon time is definitely going to have to be a contained and closely monitored activity.� I have a feeling I'm going to get much more use out of� my Magic Eraser in the near future...


Age Timer: 13 months, 3 weeks

Topics: video, Firsts, art, crayons, drawing

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