Emmett Discovers His Feet

Posted by Pamela Vaughan

May 22, 2009 5:07:52 AM

Em has been totally into his feet lately.� It's pretty darn cute.� He just can't get enough!

[caption id="attachment_819" align="aligncenter" width="656" caption=""Get those feet!""]"Get those feet!"[/caption]

By the way, I forgot to update you on Emmett's 4-month checkup!� He got more shots, which he was not a fan of, and Dr. Reilly gave us the green light to start experimenting with solids (more on that to come).� He's healthy and happy as a clam, and apparently not so little anymore -- 16.1 lbs. and 27.5 inches long!� That puts Em in the 75th percentile for weight and the 99th percentile for height.� Can you believe it?� Emmett is the tallest kid in his class!� He'll definitely be in the back row during class pictures, just like his mom was.

Age Timer: 18 weeks

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Baby's First Opening Day

Posted by Pamela Vaughan

Apr 7, 2009 5:18:01 AM

Emmett is all set for Opening Day today.� I think the fact that the game got postponed from yesterday has made him even more excited to get dressed in all of his Sox gear and cheer on the boys today at 4 p.m. against Tampa Bay ...

[caption id="attachment_767" align="aligncenter" width="416" caption="Emmett is Already a Huge Sox Fan"]Emmett is Already a Huge Sox Fan[/caption]

Go Sox!

Check out the video of Emmett and me chatting about Opening Day.

Age Timer: 11 weeks, 4 days


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The Nursery ... Finally

Posted by Pamela Vaughan

Mar 15, 2009 2:30:19 PM

James and I finally got around to switching the crib out of our bedroom and into the nursery last weekend.� It's funny, most parents-to-be have the nursery set up long before their babies are born, and it took us over seven weeks after Emmett's birth to get it together.� Anyway, our apartment is finally in its final formation - hooray!� Here are a few pictures, which I'll also post under the "Our Place" tab.� Notice the cool stickers that form a tree on the wall.� My sister, Lauren knew we weren't planning on painting the nursery since our lease is up in September and we'd have to paint it back anyway, so she gave them to us as a Christmas gift.� Thanks, Laur!

[caption id="attachment_726" align="aligncenter" width="704" caption="The Crib"]The Crib[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_728" align="aligncenter" width="703" caption="Emmett's Sticker Tree"]Emmett's Sticker Tree[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_729" align="aligncenter" width="697" caption="The Glider"]The Glider[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_730" align="aligncenter" width="697" caption="Dresser/Changing Table"]Dresser/Changing Table[/caption]

And now for a video of a very squirmy Emmett ...


Age Timer: 8 weeks, 2 days


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Baby Mashup

Posted by Pamela Vaughan

Feb 20, 2009 3:57:26 AM

My sister, Adrienne was right.� Emmett does look a lot like I did when I was a baby.� While most of my baby pictures apparently are in slide format (my dad owned his own slidemaking business back in the day before computers and PowerPoint took over the world), my parents were able to dig up a picture of a five week old me, the same age Emmett is right now!

So though we originally thought Emmett was a spitting image of his dad, it looks like he's actually a pretty equal mashup of the two of us (depending on his facial expression, it seems) ...

[caption id="attachment_666" align="aligncenter" width="527" caption="Sleepy Pamelump (Me!) "]Pamelump (Me!)[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_675" align="aligncenter" width="527" caption="Sleepy Baby Lump "]Sleepy Baby Lump[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="525" caption="Scrunchy Baby Lump "]Scrunchy Baby Lump[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_660" align="aligncenter" width="525" caption="Scrunchy Baby James "]Baby James[/caption]

Age Timer: 5 weeks


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