Call To Action: Help Us Name Baby Lump!

Posted by Pamela Vaughan

Oct 24, 2008 2:11:34 PM

Okay everyone - here's the deal.� We've embarked on the third trimester of our pregnancy journey and are still at a loss for baby boy names.� James and I are pretty certain of a name if Baby Lump is a little lady, but we aren't quite in love with or agreeing upon any names if Lump is a little gentleman.

This is where you come in.� has a fun little facebook application called "Name My Baby," and I've just added it to my profile.� It allows you to suggest a baby name or vote on names that have already been suggested.� Unfortunately, the application isn't without its flaws.� It will only allow users to suggest names already loaded into its database.� For example, I couldn't add Atticus (What do you think of that one, btw?� I think it's pretty awesome - "Atticus Vaughan?").� Still, I think it will be interesting to see what you all come up with.� Maybe one of you will suggest the perfect name that James and I have overlooked.� Or maybe one of you will add a name like "Thygor" and crack us up.� Either way, I think it's a win-win situation.� Remember, we're only looking for boys/unisex names here.

For those of you without facebook (or are too lazy to make the extra trip), feel free to suggest a name in this post's comments section, and I'll be sure to add it to the list on facebook.� If enough of you get involved with suggesting names, I'll add another page to the blog that outlines everyone's suggestions/votes, much like I've done with the Birth Stats page.� For now, I'll add the link to the facebook application to the blog's sidebar.

Thanks in advance for helping us name Baby Lump!

Click here to visit my profile and suggest/vote on a name on facebook.� Click on the "view suggested names" or "suggest a name" text in the "Name My Baby" application on the left sidebar of my profile.

Oven Timer: 28 weeks, 4 days

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